Unsecured Personal Loans

Applications can be made for an unsecured personal loan for a minimum of £300 up to a maximum £5,000.  An unsecured loan does not require the customer to provide security against the loan amount requested; instead the Bank may satisfy the debt against the borrower rather than an asset put up as collateral.

The loan amount approved will depend on the applicants ability to afford the calculated repayments.


Examples of Personal Unsecured loans include:
  • Purchase of furniture
  • Vehicle repairs and maintenance
  • Travel

Please note, an unsecured loan cannot be used for vehicle purchase. 

Download our Loan Calculator to check the affordability of your loan. This will help you estimate your monthly repayment. For further details of loan calculations and repayment options, please contact our Lending team using the contact information below.

Lending Fees & Charges – Unsecured Personal
Application Processing Fee£5To be paid on submission of application
Administration Fee, up to £1,000£25
Administration Fee, £1,001 - £5,000£30
Ready to Apply?

Customers making an application must be a Bank of St Helena account holder.  What is needed:

  • Fully completed application form and a signed bank transfer to cover the application fee of £5
  • Pay slip

Upon receiving an application for a Personal Loan our Lending team will ensure that all the necessary documents are present and that the application form is completed in full.

Need help completing your loan application form?  Please contact the Bank’s Lending team who will be able to help.

Before applying for a loan please read the Bank’s Lending Terms & Conditions.


Download your Personal Unsecured Loan Application Form
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Personal loan processing can take between 2 – 3 weeks (10 – 15 working days)

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