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Interest Rate 0.6% pa

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0.6% interest per annum

  • Receive an interest rate of 0.6% per annum.  0.5% more than our Current Accounts.
  • Encourage customers to save and as a result receive better interest rates that apply to current accounts.
  • 1 Year fixed term.
  • Your Account will automatically rollover to the following fixed year unless requested otherwise.

Conditions of the Term Savings Account

  • Term period is from 1st July to 30th June each  year.
  • Unlimited deposits.
  • You may make up to one withdrawal from the account within the 1 year term period.
  • More than one withdrawal within the term period will result in the account being reverted to a Current Account.

How to open a Term Savings Account

Customers who meet the Bank’s criteria for a Current Account can open a Term Savings Account.
The Bank may take up references, or otherwise, to satisfy the Customer’s suitability as an account holder.

Change an existing Current Account to a Term Savings Account

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