Cash Advance

Chip and Pin Services

Bank of St Helena can advance cash against Credit or Debit Cards in the following schemes: 

All cash advances are subject to a 5% commission charge.

Please note:

  • A valid form of identification with signature and photograph ID, (e.g. a passport) must be provided
  • Cash can only be advanced where the bank is able to successfully achieve online authorisation 
  • Your card issuer may also charge you additional fees which are outside our control
Card Not Present

Bank of St Helena can offer a Card Not Present service, providing that the settlement is made to an account held with the bank. Terms and Conditions apply.

The following Debit and Credit cards are accepted:

All Card Not Present transactions are subjected to 5% transaction charge

Information Required
  • The Card Account Number
  • The Name as it appears on the card
  • Card Expiry date
  • Card Type
  • The Address of the Cardholders Bank
  • Card Verification Value
  • Your Organisation’s Name
  • Your Organisation’s Bank of St Helena Account Number
  • Authorised Signatures/Signatories

Download our ‘Card Not Present’ Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Download our ‘Card Not Present Transaction’ Form

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