Board of Directors

The Board sets the strategic aims and values and provides the right leadership and control that enables Bank of St Helena to achieve its aims, uphold its core values and ensure the successful generation of value for the company, the shareholders and other key stakeholders.  The authority to implement, monitor and evaluate the policies and strategies, for the day-to-day operations, is delegated to the Managing Director and the Bank’s Senior Management Team.

Bank of St Helena’s current governance structure, as a company limited by shares, includes a Board appointed by the shareholders who are regulated by Financial Services Regulatory Authority and governed by the Financial Services Ordinance 2008, the Financial Services Regulations 2017, the Company Ordinance 2004, issued Directives, and its Articles of Incorporation issued March 2013.


John Isaac

Brian Deadman

Paul Hickling

Michael Bird

Glen Owen

Josephine George (Managing Director)

Leeanne Henry (Assistant Managing Director)